About Us

School Sasthrolsavam  is the fair conducted by the State Education Department to nurture the talents of students in areas such as Science, Maths, Work Experience etc through the learning processes which would eventually benefit the whole society at large. It includes students from Lower Primary to Secondary, Higher Secondary and Vocational Higher Secondary sections. The first phase of the event is organized in schools by the respective subject wise clubs such as Science Club, Maths Club etc. The winners of the school level competition compete at the sub district and district level contests and the best talents eventually qualify into the State level Sasthrolsavam. The first and second place winners of the Sub District  are eligible for participating in the District Science Fair.

 The IT Fest is a platform provided by the IT@School Project enabling the students to showcase their talents in ICT enabled contents, which is part of their curriculum. The event is aimed at developing interest, provide encouragement to the student community for exhibiting independent initiatives and imbue the necessary thrust to embrace IT beyond the curriculum. Students from Government Schools and Government Aided schools compete in various IT based competitions including Digital Painting, Multimedia presentation, Web Designing, Malayalam Tying, IT Project and IT Quiz during the 2-day event.